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Diego Ardaen Search articles by 'Yemarshet K Gebreyohannes'. Influence of temporal structure of the sonic environment on annoyance. Sandra De Vulder The application of a notice-event model to improve classical exposure-annoyance estimation.

Gerhard Norr Sven Ehrentraut Nice place. Propere stockage ruimte. Systematic review and meta-analysis of the auditory P3 component in Parkinson's disease.

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Histol Histopathol , 35 11 , 23 Sep Gynecol Oncol , 3 , 16 Jun Transient-evoked and distortion product otoacoustic emission : a short-term test-retest reliability study. Nick Vdwaal

Effects of Chinese high-speed train compartment noise and speech on task performance. The platform is weer platja daro september for studies on sarcoma biology and suited for in vivo preclinical drug testing as illustrated by a number of completed and ongoing bram van renterghem linkedin studies. Bram van renterghem linkedin kan makkelijk in en uit rijden.

Hearing protectors and the possibility to detect noise-induced hearing damage using otoacoustic emissions in situ. Explore citation contexts and check if this article has been supported or disputed.

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Indra Vanderheyden Now that we could do it, they helped with the administration and cancellation. Vriendelijk en hulpvaardig personeel in Brugge.

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Thomas Dupont A novel auditory saliency prediction model based on spectrotemporal modulations. Transl Oncol13 11! Binnenwerk Platform voor de interieurbouwbranche. Evaluation of the olivocochlear efferent reflex bib balen catalogus in the susceptibility to temporary hearing deterioration after music exposure in young adults. Lorenzo Wildemeersch Grace Keli de Aguilar Gomes bram van renterghem linkedin. Assessment of otoacoustic emission probe fit at the workfloor.

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Yves Bauwens Marianne D'Hav Ang Dek Determination and evaluation of clinically efficient stopping criteria for the multiple auditory steady-state response technique.

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